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No Gym, No Problem: Five Great Ways to Stay Active On Your Own

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The last few months have taught us you don't need a gym membership to get your daily dose of fitness in. And though you probably already have a routine of some sort, we rounded up five less-than-obvious ways to take your self-care to the next level:

Gorilla Bow, $199

This might look like something suited for a cheesy infomercial but it's actually quite an impressive (and affordable) way to get a total workout in thanks to an innovative resistance band system that can get you Thor big in Hawkeye style.

Cannondale Bad Boy 1 Bicycle, $2,000

Faux-vintage bicycles and beach cruisers aren't designed to break a sweat in while more adventurous road bikes tend to be a little too hardcore and intimidating for most people not interested in hardcore group rides and weekend racing. So what's the best "in-between" play? Enter the Bad Boy 1 by Cannondale that features a base 3D-forged  from a single piece of aluminum and an elegant yet aggressive presence. Best in matte black, as most things are.

Tangram Factory LED-Embedded Jump Rope, $80

Jumping rope is one of the most effective cardio workouts you can do at home with little equipment. And though there are plenty of basic options that will get the job done with ease, we are huge fans of this LED-embedded option that displays your fitness data in mid-air as you work out.

Tonal Training System, $2,995

The world's first "intelligent home gym" combines a sleek and wall-mounted system with an electromagnetic resistance engine controlled by an always-learning and algorithm-based AI trainer. Welcome to the future.

WaterRower Classic, $1,495

The WaterRower Classic is made from solid American black walnut and mimics the dynamics of rowing a boat by using actual water. Aesthetically pleasing to look at, meditative to use.