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4 Apps That Will Help You Get Lean And Cut Before Summer

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When it comes to looking great in your swim trunks this summer, about 90% of it is diet and 10% of it is fitness. Here are a few apps we like that will encourage healthy eating and an active lifestyle leading to the "Brad Pitt in Fight Club" look every red-blooded dude wants to have. #1 and #3 are must-downlaods, #2 and #4 are totally optional.


1.) iBooks/Kindle App: The first thing you need to do is educate yourself on what will drop body fat effectively without completely sacrificing lifestyle. The Slow-Carb Diet tips outlined in Tim Ferriss' Four Hour Body are excellent, teach you things like brown rice and mangos aren't as healthy as you think, and outline a realistic nutrition plan that allows you to still drink beer and eat poorly one day a week. It's totally doable and actually works. Best parts? There are absolutely no calorie counting and when done to the letter, it's never failed. Keep a digital copy on your phone so you have it on you at all times for referencing or rereading sections to jumpstart motivation.

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2.) Coach.Me: This is an amazing new app that allows you to get instant 1-1 coaching for any goal. Want to learn how to play guitar? There's a coach for that. Want to quit drinking diet soda? There's a coach for that. Want to eat super healthy and ret ripped by summer? There's a coach for that. In fact, there are specific coaches that are experts in the Slow-Carb Diet outlined in the Four Hour Body book, so if you don't think you have the self-control to do it on your own, you'd be wise to drop the $14.99 for a personal coach. Considering how much one of those costs at Equinox, the $14.99 is pocket change in comparison.

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3.) 7 Minute Workout: Based off famous NYT article, this app helps you accomplish a daily seven minute workout using no outside equipment other than body weight. A lot of the struggle of going to the gym is GETTING to the gym, so this gives you no excuses. You could do this and this alone and feel like a superhero after a few weeks.


4.) Strava: This is a beautifully designed app that lets you track your running (and/or cycling) with GPS, challenge friends, share photos from your activities, and follow people you know or people you admire. It's so well done, it will make you want to get out there and run, even if that's not typically your thing. A few few miles on the track each day isn't necessary to get lean and cut, so much of that is diet, but it certainly won't hurt.