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10 Underrated Sports Movies You Probably Haven't Seen Yet

Under-the-radar classics.
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Everybody on the planet has seen Field Of Dreams and Remember The Titans, but here are a few amazing sport-focused flicks that every person should see, even if you've previously dismissed them. They're all fantastic.

1.) Warrior

Even if you have zero interest in UFC like us, this flick that stars Tom Hardy being a brooding badass is completely worth your time. He's the youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer who is put on a collision course with his estranged, older brother. It's excellent in every way and will break your heart in the best kind of ways.

2.) McFarland, USA 

Kevin Costner stars as an ex-football coach who loses his job and ends up having to move to a small town and coach cross country to a bunch of kids who have almost no interest in the sport. It's a moving, beautiful movie.

3.) By The Sword

This movie focuses on F. Murray Abraham at a fencing academy, where he gets a job as a janitor and the students and faculty learns there's more to him than meets the eye. If you like duels, good acting, and some fun, this is a great movie, even if it's a little dated.

4.) The Greatest Game Ever Played

The movie stars Shia LaBeouf as 20-year-old Francis Ouimet, a talented golfer hindered by wealth and class boundaries in the sport. It's a sweet, emotional movie that's wonderfully directed by Bill Paxton of all people. It also might be LaBeouf's best work AND Stannis from Game Of Thrones co-stars.

4.) Varsity Blues

Even if this movie can be a bit predictable at times, Texas high school football stories are almost always worth watching. If you can handle a sports movie cliché  or two, you'll probably really enjoy this one.

5.) Miracle

This flick is based on the true story of a hockey player-turned-coach who led the 1980 U.S. Olympic team to victory over (what was considered) an unbeatable Russian squad. Even if you're not American, this is worth watching.

6.) Fat City

An epic, gritty, bloody boxing flick about two dudes, one old and one young, who come to blows after their careers head in different directions. One of those guys? A young Jeff Bridges giving an awesome performance. 

7.) Breaking Away

It won an Oscar for best original screenplay and features one of, if not THE best bike racing scenes ever on film. It's also lighthearted and blends in comedy wonderfully. Really, really good.

8.) Hoop Dreams

An amazing movie about two inner-city kids from Chicago who struggle to become college basketball players. If you love the sport, you'll love this.

9.) The Beautiful Game

A character-based feature documentary about how soccer can truly change the lives of people in certain areas of Africa. It's excellent. 

10.) Fever Pitch

This was remade into a not-so-great Jimmy Fallon movie about baseball in America, but the original, with Colin Firth, is actually a really solid date night romcom. It's about how Firth's obsession with Arsenal can clash with his romantic life and is a whole lot of fun, especially if you're a Premier League fan.