10 Clothing Care Tips To Keep Your Wardrobe Looking Sharp

Jack Archer
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Nothing is worse than buying something and have it not live up to your expectations: lost its shape, no longer fits right, always looks wrinkled, etc. Here are a few tips and tricks that might help your wardrobe look as sharp as it can be.

1.) Take dryer sheets and stuff them inside of your shoes. It will keep them from developing any kind of stink.

2.) Buy one of those "scented ovals," Diptique makes a good one, and store it in your closet. It will give everything a nice, clean, subtle scent, like you have fresh laundry 24/7.

3.) Don't wash your shoes with Windex and paper towels, invest a few bucks and pick up a kit that's made specifically for cleaning shoes. This one from Jason Markk is a great purchase. It comes with both a cleaning brush and a spray solution, plus their website has a bunch of tips and tricks to help you out.

4.) Wait a few minutes before putting on freshly ironed clothes so the press can set. Otherwise, you're risking new wrinkles.

5.) Your tailor should be your best friend. The next time you have an itch to buy a new shirt or sweater, take an old one from your closet that has a fit you're not happy with, and bring it in to see him or her. You'll save money and have something that fits perfectly when all said in done.

6.) When washing darks, wash it with this instead of your normal detergent. It will help it keep its color.

7.) Make sure you pull your clothes out of the dryer immediately. The longer you have them sit in there, the more and more wrinkly they're getting and the less crisp they'll look when on you. You don't want to look like you store your clothes in a gym bag.

8.) Try to hang up everything you wear besides sweaters, gym clothes, and pajamas. It keeps everything looking sharp and wrinkle free and makes it easier to find whatever you're looking for. You'll want to fold sweaters of you'll risk them losing their shape.

9.) Ditch the flimsy wire hangers the dry cleaners gave you. They allow garments to sag out of shape.

10.) If you can, try and buy wooden hangers. They don't only look amazing, especially if your closet has all matching ones, but they'll keep better care of your clothes. Here's fifty of 'em for $48.

11.) Don't crush the clothes in your closet together, as it can cause wrinkles. Give 'em room room to breathe by storing out of season pieces, like that huge jacket in the middle of summer, somewhere else. You can also free up room by donating thing you never seem to wear any more.

12.) BUY QUALITY. This is the best piece of advice we can give you when it comes to clothing care. The more money you have invested in something, the better you're going to take care of it, and the better it will look and last. Not that you should be shopping at the men's section of Forever 21 anyways, but it's a lot easier to recklessly chuck around their $15 sweater than it is something from Thom Browne. 10 incredibly high-quality essentials are much easier to take care of than 100 things from cheap-o fast fashion brands, and they'll last 10 times as long too.

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