12 Ways To Know If She's "The One"

Jack Archer
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Thinking about getting down on one knee and popping the question? Here's a few ways to know if she's definitely the one for you.

1.) Your relationship is absolute bliss. Little to no fighting, continued happiness, and always a smile on both of your faces. If you both are always mad at each other, always picking fights, and/or always in a bad place, it's not even worth being in a relationship.

2.) You trust her to the fullest extent. She could be eight drinks deep at an exclusive VIP party with David Beckham, Orlando Bloom, and Robert Pattinson circling her, and you wouldn't even feel an ounce of jealousy. Without trust, you act jealous, and if you act jealous, you become a needy and annoying boyfriend/fiancé/husband. It'll never work out.

3.) There is nothing you want to change about her. You think she's perfect just the way she is. Physically and emotionally, you love all of it.

4.) Both your parents and all of your friends love her. If they don't, that's an immediate red flag. Think of that girl your buddy dated that you absolutely hated, and now that he's with someone else, he's so much happier and better off? If your friends don't like someone, that's a good sign you're blinded by something and should reevaluate.

5.) You're bummed out when you're NOT with her and aren't always thinking of ways to have some time away from the "ball and chain." Basically, you prefer her company to flying solo when doing pretty much anything.

6.) She's your absolute best friend. No matter how incredibly attracted you are to her, the longest lasting and most fulfilling relationships are the ones rooted in a deep friendship.

7.) There were no major bumps along the way. No cheating scandals, no sketchy behavior, nothing but perfection through and through. Those kind of things will linger and destroy a relationship, even if you thought you've gotten over 'em all.

8.) You love each other equally. The old saying about the person who has the "power" in the relationship is the person who loves the other person least. Couldn't be more true. There should be no power dynamic in a relationship and especially a marriage. You'll feel unsatisfied and unwanted if you love the person more, and unfulfilled and ungrateful if you love the person least.

9.) You should want the same sort of family dynamic and lifestyle out of your life as her. For example, if she doesn't want kids, marrying her and hoping she'll change her mind in a few years is a bad idea. If you want kids, she should want kids too. If you want to travel until you're 38 before you have kids, she should want that too. If you want to field a softball team before you hit 29, she should want that more than anything.

10.) The thought of ever being with another woman kind of grosses you out. You think no one else compares. You think there is no possible upgrade because she's the very best in the world.

11.) You know without question that she wants to marry you more than anything else in the world. You should never go into a proposal unless you are 120% certain that her answer is going to be "YES."

12.) The thought of marrying her doesn't scare you whatsoever, only not being able to marry her does.

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