Why You Should Become A Morning Person

Own your AM.
Jack Archer
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Own your AM.
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Try getting up an hour or two earlier than what you normally do. If you typically get up at 8am and rush to be at work by 9am, try getting up at 6am instead. If you normally get up at a 7am, trying doing the 5am thing. And if you're a late sleeper, typically getting up at 10am or later, try getting up at an hour or two earlier and slowly working your way backwards. It's totally worth it and here's why.

1.) If you're the type of person who doesn't feel like there's enough hours in the day, adding an extra two goes a LONG way. Whether that allows you to get some extra work done and feel less stressed, spend time with loved ones instead of at the office, or just have a relaxing morning full of coffee, reading, and laying around, you'll have so much more time in the day to do whatever it is you want to do.

2.) You'll feel insanely productive. The extra time allows you to get stuff done at the beginning of the day that might hang over you for the rest of it otherwise. Whether that's getting an hour in at the gym, making sure your kitchen is spotless clean, or getting a load or two of laundry out of the way, you'll feel like some sort of well-oiled machine when you start knocking off to-do list items before it's even time for work.

3.) Sure, getting out of bed at first might be hard, but once you force yourself to get up and at 'em, you'll realize how you're not actually that tired or exhausted. You can function just as good with six or seven hours of sleep as you can with nine or ten.

4.) With the extra productivity in the AM, you have some serious spare time after work to really sink in and relax. Whether it's playing a few rounds of FIFA 14, hanging out with the family, going to a movie, or doing something else you love to do when you unwind, you feel like you can because you've gotten so much done in the day already. It's more guilt-free.

5.) There is something so incredibly peaceful about the early AM. The quietness, the air, the lack of hustle and bustle---it's the perfect time to get some stuff done in a way that's both super productive and relaxing. If for some reason you don't get it done, you have the rest of the day to wrap it up. There's no cramming when you're a morning person.

6.) When you're not rushed in the morning, you can take your time showering, getting ready, and getting dressed. Not that us dudes can't get ready on the fly, but it's more peaceful and relaxing when you don't have to bust out the door three minutes after jumping out of the shower.

7.) You really get to enjoy breakfast. You're not grabbing one of those "healthy" energy bars on your way out the door, but instead, you can actually whip something up that's pretty decent. Eggs, bacon, veggies and fresh coffee? No problem, you've got the time.

8.) When you actually get to work and every other person is struggling to stay awake next to the Keurig machine, you're wide awake and impressing the higher-ups.

9.) If you have any trouble falling asleep at night, getting up earlier will make it a little easier to hit the hay when your self-imposed bed-time comes around.

All in all, it's something worth giving a try. It might take a little while for your body to get used to it, but you'll be hooked once you experience all the advantages first hand. It truly is game changing.

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