Power of the Lens: 30 Extremely Potent Photographs

Jack Archer
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It's amazing what the right photographer in the right place can capture. Here are 30 heartbreaking, heartwarming or just flat out emotional photos.

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Starving boy and missionary. Photo by Mike Wells.

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Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber. Photo via Imgur.

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27 paper angels across the street from Sandy Hook Elementary. Photo by Spencer Platt.

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Just an amazing photo of a surgeon after a 23-hour-long heart transplant that was successful. Note the other doctor sleeping in the corner. Photo by James Stanfield.

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A town hall meeting discussing the Travon Martin shooting after it happened. Photo by Gerardo Mora.

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Father and son, 60 years apart and 62 years apart. Photo via Vojage-Vojage.

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A young child plays violin a teacher’s funeral who had helped him escape poverty and violence through the art of music. Photo via alvemasnossascriancas.blogspot.com.

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Russian soldier playing a piano in Chechnya in 1994. Photo via drugoi.livejournal.com.

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Victims of the 2010 earthquake and now amputees playing soccer together only a year later. Photo by Joe Raedle.

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The man on the ground just found out that his brother was killed. So sad. Photo by Nhat V. Meyer.

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A firefighter gives water to a koala bear after working a terrible forrest fire. Photo via abc.net.au.

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A premature baby holds on to his father's finger. Photo by Luis Davilla.

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A soldier returns from Iraq and sees her daughter. Photo by Louie Favorite.

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A woman mourning the loss of her husband, a firefighter, on the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Photo by Chris Pedota-Pool.

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Indian homeless men wait to receive free food distributed outside a mosque. Photo by Tsering Topgyal.

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A man kisses his girlfriend after she was knocked to the ground by a Police riot shield. Photo by Rich Lam.

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Man falling from World Trade Center on 9/11. Photo by Richard Drew.

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An eight year old accepts a flag during his father's memorial service. Photo by Aaron Thompson.

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A son with his alcoholic father. Photo via Imgur.

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China's Zheng Tao celebrates breaking a world record at the Paralympic Games. Photo by Ben Stansfall.

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Couple in the rubble of a collapsed building. Photo by Taslima Akhter.

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A man after his home was ruined in a tornado. Photo by Brian Sokol.

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A Syrian girl who fled violence at a shelter home. Photo by Joseph Eid.

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A woman sits in wreckage after an earthquake hits her home town. Photo by Asahi Shimbun and Toshiyuki Tsunenari.

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Man hugs his dog after finding her in his destroyed home following a devastating Alabama tornado. Photo by Gary Cosby Jr.

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A woman looks for relatives after a typhoon hit her home town. Photo by Ted Aljibe.

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During massive floods in India, a man used a basket to save stray cats. Photo by Biswaranjan Rout.

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An Afghan man offers tea to soldiers. Photo by Rafiq Maqbool.

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A family walks past a cross remembering the victims of the Aurora Theatre shooting. Photo by Joe Raedle.

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Parents probably in their 70's still looking for their child. Photo via Reddit.

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