How To Lose Tons Of Weight And Still Eat Pizza, Ice Cream, And Donuts

Jack Archer
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It's something most of us have to deal with. Whether you want to drop a few pounds to fit into that tuxedo you bought a few years ago or get rid of some of that belly fat to get those ab lines of your youth back, losing weight is something that's normally pretty tough and not the most fun thing in the world. However, there's a nutrition plan penned by Tim Ferriss that actually works, keeps you relatively healthy, and allows you to drop some serious weight if you're strict about it. The best part? You're still allowed to drink tons of beer, eat pizza, order dessert, and more. Here are the details...

-- Basically, you follow a strict eating plan six days a week, and one day a week, you have a controlled cheat day where you go crazy. Candy bars, garlic bread, ice cream---whatever you want.

-- Here's a car analogy that helps explain why a cheat day works and why it's important. Basically, eating healthy for a few days is like going from 10 mph to 100 mph. You're burning the most fat when you're accelerating. However, once you've been driving 100 mph for a while, it doesn't feel like you're going as fast anymore. The cheat day drops you back to 10 mph each week, so you're constantly accelerating instead of cruising at 100 mph. There's a bunch of fancy science behind it, which you can read in Tim's book, but hopefully that analogy explains it pretty well.

-- The best part about the cheat day is that you feel so sick from eating a bunch of crap, that you're craving a return to healthy eating the next day.

-- As far as eating healthy during the other six days of the week, avoid any wheat or corn based carbohydrate like rice, bread, cereal, potatoes, granola, etc. Also, ditch all fruit, sugar, alcohol (besides red wine) and dairy.

-- Eat/drink as much as you want of the following and never worry about counting collieries.

*Black Beans
*Pinto Beans
*Red Beans
*Soy Beans
*All Vegetables
*Feel free to have some almonds, almond butter, and avocado, but be liberal with the portion sizes.

-- Easy meals are Mexican burrito bowls with no rice/cheese/sour cream, eggs + bacon, chicken + veggies + wine, etc.

-- The #1 cause for quitting an eating plan like this is low energy, so make sure you're consuming enough food. If you normally have two eggs and two pieces of toast for breakfast each morning, try having five eggs and no toast instead of just axing the toast and only eating two eggs. Beans are pretty calorically dense, so they're a great thing to add to a lot of meals to keep your energy levels high.

-- Is having a cheat day and eating a bunch of donuts and pizza the healthiest thing for you body? No, of course not. But for most people, it's nearly impossible to maintain a perfect eating plan. This allows you to drop weight, be consistent with the diet over a long period of time, and have a little fun once a week.

-- All in all, it's something that might be worth giving a chance if you're looking for something that's relatively easy and will allow you eat a grilled cheese every once in a while. You can drop body fat, look great, and most importantly, feel great. If you're interested in a lot of the science and reasoning behind this lifestyle, definitely check out Tim Ferriss' book for more info.

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