5 Easy-To-Fix Mistakes You Make Before 10am

Jack Archer
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Here's some tips about the mistakes you are making in the AM that are not only making mornings unbearable but are aging you prematurely. Each one is simple and easy to fix.


Mistake #1. Springing out of Bed - After laying at rest for the recommended 8 hours, your back muscles are relaxed and loose. Springing out of bed causes your muscles to tighten and strain and can lead to spasms, slipped or ruptured discs and lower back pain.

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Mistake #2. Slapping the Snooze Button - This is one of the worst habits you can get into. Repeatedly hitting the snooze button causes intermittent and interrupted "naps" which can throw your body clock off and make getting to sleep at night difficult.

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Mistake #3. Blackout Shades - Oh the glory of black out shades. Yes they prevent pesky rays of light form sneaking in and interrupting your ZZZ's at night and into the wee hours of the morning, but keeping them drawn once you're up and getting ready is a big no-no. Letting the sunlight in helps to activate your internal clock and get your neurons firing.

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Mistake #4. Working Out before Fueling Up - Morning workouts are a glorious thing but heading off for a run or to spin before eating isn't a good idea. After fasting during the night, your body needs fuel to function. Working out before breakfast can result in poor performance, below par calorie burn and dizziness.

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Mistake #5. Caffeine Deprivation - Don't wait until your dozing at your desk to get your daily dose of caffeine. Whether its coffee or tea, grabbing a cup on your way into work puts you in the right mind frame and elevates your mood which in turn helps with co-worker interactions making everyone's day more pleasant. Basically, if you're an addict, don't skip it.

Shanna Israel is a lifestyle expert and the CEO/Founder of Vertical Wellness. Photos via GQ.