10 Tips For Becoming A Minimalist And Decluttering Your Life

Jack Archer
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Men today are sponges. We absorb so much of everyday life between advanced technology and all the things we have to do. Something is tugging at our attention 24/7, and many times it becomes exhausting. But that's the modern world today. Or is it? Can our lifestyle be simpler and still be enjoyable? For men who have embraced the the minimalist movement, it's proven to be so.

This doesn't mean you'll be singing weird chants in white robes under a full moon or living in a tree with only tin cans and a string as your only form of technology. It simply is a way to declutter your life.

Two men---Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus---are highlighting the meaning of the simplistic lifestyle. And the way to a simpler lifestyle is, well, simple. Here are some quick and easy tips from 'em that will help you embrace it.

1.) The easiest way to organize your possessions, they say, is to get rid of most of it.

2.) There is—surprise, surprise—a simple way to make this happen. Millburn and Nicodemus suggest starting with the easy stuff. Don't start with sentimental items because you'll never get started. Don't start with any room that is stacked with items because that is a hard hill to start with. You want to gradually work your way up.

3.) One good way of decluttering is to not add any more stuff. Fight your compulsion to absorb more. Draw a clear and definitive line between need and want. Remember you are not depriving yourself but are changing your mindset to appreciate what you have.

4.) Deducting the excess in your life could actually save you money, too. One in 11 households in America has a rental storage until and spends $1,000 a year on it. Furthermore, if you remove clutter from your home, you could eliminate (on average) 40 percent of your housework. But don't bullrush into your basement or attic and start whipping things out the window. The proper way to get started in decluttering your lifestyle is to start small. Start with a stack of papers on your kitchen counter or downsize your shoe collection.

5.) Incorporate a time slot each day where you tackle a small declutter activity, which will keep you on task with continuous small successes. Finally, set a time limit so you don't burn yourself out.

6.) Once you've removed the excess from your home, you can focus on your furniture and interior accessories. Go for a total interior redesign to give your home a more simple, open look. Remove most of your unneeded furniture if you are person on the go, like corner tables, television stands, display cabinets, filing cabinets, and bookshelves because all of these are unnecessary items.

7.) Remove those framed sports posters and animal mounts and hang up a large mirror instead. Mirrors can be a great focal point in a room, adding a bit of class and depth to an otherwise tight area.

8.) Replace your old window draperies with a more modern-looking style to accent your new minimalist interior. It's crazy what an upgrade the right blinds and window treatments make to a room.

9.) Know a limit of clothing you actually need. Donate any excess pants, shirts, or jackets. This way you can downsize your closet and help others at the same time.

10.) Cut down on white noise. Make a habit of unplugging your electronics and mobile devices. Make a rule to never bring your mobile phone to the dinner table or to turn your phone off when socializing with friends and family. Instead of surfing your social media 500 times a day, read a book or newspaper. Disable your phone from vibrating or noise-making alerts, which can cut down stress and simplify your life tremendously.

All of this may sound like a lot of work, but once you've simplified your lifestyle, take a moment and realize how calm your life is. Because that is the basis of being a minimalist movement kind of man.

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