La Maison Champs Elysées (Paris)

Jack Archer
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Suite 142 (2)

This hotel has a deep history, with the Duchess of Rivoli, Princess of Essling, and the Great Mistress of the House of Empress Eugenie purchasing the land in 1864 and commissioning French architect Jules Pellechet to construct the home. It was later purchased by the Association of the Centraliens and enlarged into a hotel in the late 1960's. A few years ago, in 2010, Maison Martin Margiela redesigned the hotel to create an environment that feels like a fresh, modern take on a once Downton Abbey status home. The finished renovation and redesign has a cool balance of light and airy rooms with both traditional and modern pieces of furniture. Some rooms and suites however, feature a darker color palette, with a masculine, James Bond-kind of of feel. It's an impressive juxtaposition that is pulled off very well.

Salon DorÇ

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Suite 141 (5)

Suite 141 (16)

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SDB Suite

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