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Jack Archer

Here’s a whole bunch of things to add to your to-do list. Whether it’s jumping out of a moving airplane or writing hand-written letters to those who’ve made a major impact on your life, most gents will hopefully get inspired by a few of these…

— Start a business at some point, even if it’s just a side gig.

— Learn to fly an airplane.

— Coach a youth sport.

— Own your dream car, pay cash. Debt and payments make something seriously less fun.

— Buy a plane ticket on the same day it takes off. Go somewhere spontaneous.

— Buy a nice watch, pass it down to your son when he turns 18.

— Go to the Super Bowl once.

— Go to the World Series once.

— Go to the World Cup once.

— Learn a martial art.

— Visit every continent, Antarctica optional.

— Get a suit custom made for you.

— Join the mile high club.

— Write hand-written notes to those who’ve impacted your life in serious ways.

— Improve your diet and fitness, get a 6 pack. Keep it for at least a few months.

— Learn to play an instrument decently well.

— Learn the ins-and-outs of wine, actually know what you’re talking about.

— Play golf at a legendary course.

— Build a treehouse for your kids.

— Attend the Olympic games.

— Take a bartending class, making a good drink is more impressive than you think.

— Learn how to ride a motorcycle.

— Have one hobby that you’re known for.

— Attend a Cirque du Soleil Show.

— Get a straight razor shave.

— Go sky diving.

— Go bungee jumping.

— Go skinny dipping.

— Solve a Rubik‚Äôs Cube.

— Start collecting something that fascinates you. Coins, antiquates, old baseball cards, art, etc.

— Visit every stadium in the league of your favorite sport. NFL, MLB, etc.

— Race a car on a track.

— Attend the Monaco Grand Prix.

— Own a boat, entertain with it often.

— Be a mentor to someone.

— Get ridiculously good at chess.

— Learn to cook something incredible, make it your “specialty dish.”

— Write a hand-written love letter to your significant other.

— Donate anonymously.

— Come up with an idea for an iPhone app and actually make it.

— See a blockbuster movie release at a midnight showing on opening day.

— Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Germany.

— Quit a job you hate and do something you love.

— Go to a gun range.

— Live in a major city for at least a few years.

— Fly in a private jet without Instagram-ing it.

— Run a marathon.

— Go scuba diving in dangerous waters.

— Own a tuxedo that fits you perfectly and make sure you never grow out of it.

— Throw a wild party with at least 500 guests.

— Vacation in a place without internet for at least a week.

— Leave an obnoxiously nice tip when a server or bartender really impresses you.

— Travel around the world and see all the major landmarks in person.

Lead photo via GQ.

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